Asset / Investment Management

Investments and risks are synonymous. Finultima brings you an opportunity to enhance your investment management skills through specialized courses focusing on the investment trends in the respective industry. We include practical methods of overcoming risks, uncertainties and other investment perplexities and related concerns.

Topics covered in the core modules include the following examples. However, as per your needs we would welcome your suggestions and can shape any relevant course in the program area to fit your company’s objectives.

  • Fundamentals of Investment Management
  • Introduction to Emerging Markets
  • Investing in Emerging Markets
  • Portfolio Performance Measurement
  • Investment Fund Management
  • Masterclass on Portfolio Management - Theory & Practice
  • Value At Risk
  • Effective Risk Management Strategies in Asset Management
  • Fund Research and Analysis
  • Investment Management Optimisation, Performance & Benchmarks
  • Asset Allocation and Core Satellite Management
  • Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Active, Passive and Structured Portfolio Management
  • Introduction to Hedge Funds
  • Hedge Fund Investment Strategies
  • Derivatives in Portfolio Management
  • Equity Portfolio Management
  • Management of Investment Process
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Financial Crisis and the Future of Finance