Project Finance – Public Private Partnership


Our client is an Indian financial service company headquartered in Mumbai, India. it is actively involved in the financing of a wide range of projects. Growth has been substantial in this area as a result of heavy investment in Infrastructure by the host country.

Client needs

  • Identify and analyse the major qualitative and quantitative risks in a Project Finance;
  • Evaluate, through review of spreadsheets, the key financial sensitivities in a Project Finance;
  • Understand risk and return issues from a debt and equity perspective and be able to relate that to the need for support for governments in Project Finance related transactions;
  • Sensitise the capital structure of projects and relate that to risk exposures arising under Project Finance transactions;
  • Develop knowledge of contractual risk allocation techniques used to mitigate lending risks in Project Finance, including risks assumed by governments;
  • Assess potential reasons why Project Finance transactions face difficulties and potential options for dealing with problem projects.


To ensure that participants developed their awareness of the key commercial and risk issues in Project Finance, we worked closely with IDBI to develop two Project Finance programmes, one for participants working in legal functions and the second for participants working primarily in risk analysis and sales related roles.

The programmes consisted of a mixture of local and international case studies which highlighted key commercial, risk and risk mitigation issues in Project Finance, as well as approaches to the financing of, and lessons of experience in,large scale Infrastructure / PPP projects.

To assist the bank in assessing the impact of the training we also provided a post course test that was to be integrated with the Client Learning Management System.