Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance is an intricate and relatively ambiguous topic which is now gaining attention at large due to the emergence of a number of leading Islamic financial institutions in the recent times. The course at Finultima covers a detailed study and application of the Shari’ah law with a comprehensive discussion on various methods of practical application, exceptions and an understanding of the elements that remain dubious. The courses involve the study of the working of some leading Islamic institutions and the best practices adopted by them.

Topics covered in the core modules include the following examples. However, as per your needs we would welcome your suggestions and can shape any relevant course in the program area to fit your company’s objectives.

  • Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Modes of Islamic Finance
  • Sukuk: Islamic Bonds and Securitization
  • Islamic Wealth Management
  • Takaful; Islamic Insurance
  • Islamic (Sharia) Funds Management