Institutional Selling Skills


Our client, based in Kuwait, is one of the largest asset management firms with operations across the Middle East. The group manages over 45 investment funds with asset under management exceeding US$10.2 Billion.


Senior analysts and salespeople who cover retail, high net worth, and institutional Clients in equities. The program was also attended by the Head of Research.

Client needs

  • Better understand their role as a salesperson.
  • Improve their sales techniques.
  • Respond to objections.
  • Understand better what drives Clients to do more business.
  • Improve performance in cold/warm calls and meetings.
  • Understand how their role may change over time when compared with broking more developed markets.


We designed and delivered the training which was interactive and fun, with participants constantly being asked to contribute. Participants asked numerous questions, and answers were usually given using ‘stories’ from real life examples - one of the advantages of using a trainer(former head of Global Equity Sales at Goldman Sachs) who has extensive industry experience.

The afternoon was devoted to calling a buy side expert (former Fund Manager with JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley), who assumed the role of an investor in London, under various scenarios.

Each participant pitched a stock which was also researched in advance. Calls were made through a speakerphone so everyone could hear…this is a tough thing to do. Our buy side expert asked challenging questions, and afterwards the calls were collectively critiqued. There were often realistic ‘surprises’ such as getting VM, another PM answering the phone etc.