Our Unique 4d Approach

Our approach is essentially consultative; we stay connected with our clients from the first consultation throughout the entire implementation.


Program management and administration.

Classroom coaching.

Supporting tools and materials.


Pre/Post course assessment.

Participants and manager feedback.

Analysis and reporting.


Understanding the Business needs and objectives.

Courses designed to reflect client goals at both, corporate and team level.


Curriculum development.

Use context specific cases and examples.

Customization and localization.

Training is not merely about imparting information and discussing theory, at Finultima we redefine learning by making it more interactive, productive and focused towards shaping leaders in the corporate, banking and financial arena. Out training programmes are aimed towards helping professionals and corporate executives in enhancing their skills and knowledge related to various industry verticals. We believe that learning is best when it can be practically applicable and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that each word we include in our courses relates to the real corporate working and helps the attendees to develop skills that can be put in practice.

We work on theories derived from analyzing real life case studies which is a large part of the course material. Moreover, we dig deep into the company’s working structure and operations before developing the customized course for the training programmes.

At Finultima, we thoroughly understand the volatile nature of work that professionals and executives deal with and in order to make the entire procedure convenient for them, our training programs are made available at the location and time that is suitable to the client. We allow complete flexibility in the training schedule and timings.